Q: Will members just get their own age group or all age groups?
A: The music and video content for all age groups will be free to all members.
Q: How do I get the competition music?
A: Members will receive a password to access and download music in April.
Q: Can I get a hard copy of the music if I can’t download music digitally?
A: BJP can produce a CD of the competition music on application for anyone who can’t download.
Q: How do I get the video content?
A: Members will receive a password to access the video in late May.
Q: Can I get a hard copy of the video if I can’t download or stream?
A: DVDs will still be available this year for anyone who can’t download. They will be free of charge if you chose the DVD option when you registered. Delivery will be at least a week later than download to allow for duplication and postage time.
Q: If I have already registered and chosen a delivery method, can I change my mind?
A: Yes. Teachers can email BJP to advise a change from a club member but only up until 15th March.
Q: How many devices can I download/stream to?
A: You can download to unlimited devices.
Q: What devices can I download to?
A: You can download/stream to any device: computer, laptop, smart phone, tablet, smart TV, android, mac.
Q: Do I need internet access?
A: You need internet access to stream or download. Once you have downloaded you do not need internet access to play music or view video.
Q: Once I download the DVD and music, where is it?
A: In your downloads folder on your device, unless you select a different folder to download to.
Q: How do I download to my device?
A: You will click on a link you receive and click download or, for video, you can also stream it.
Q: What do I do If I can’t get it to work?
A: BJP will prepare a troubleshooting help-sheet or you can ask your teacher. If you are still having problems, you can contact BJP via their website.
Q: If I am registering more than one family member can some choose download and some choose DVD?
A: If all are registering on the same form, then all must choose one method. But you can register separately to choose different delivery methods.
Q: Is there a discount on registrations for families with more than one member?
A: No. The cost of registration is for the provision of syllabus, teacher training, competitions, judges, prizes and venues for zone competitions with free audience entry. BJP asks all members to contribute equally to help cover these costs, regardless of their age or number of family members.